Thank You to Our Employees & Their Families!

We Appreciate All They Do, Especially During This Time

We have all been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another. Beyond the personal stories and this new way of living for all of us, our employees’ work lives have also been impacted. Our consultants typically travel onsite to spend time with their clients, and they absolutely love that aspect of their job. But we have restricted travel during this time out of concern for them and for our customers. We have also asked our employees to work on several internal projects during this time – to include parts of our new website. So to thank them for being the amazing humans they are, we recently sent each of our employees a care package full of amazing, gourmet cookies to share with their family. Also included the in the package was a personalized VectorX LEGO figure.

Here is the note we included inside the gift package:

“With all that has happened this year, we wanted to take a moment and show appreciation for you and your family. We hope these cookies bring a bit of joy to you and your family – giving you a chance to connect over some sweets. The personalized LEGO figure is for you as a reminder that we are all still kids at heart and are fortunate to play in the sandbox with other truly remarkable people. We appreciate you, your family and the dedication you give this company! We Get There Together.”