2023 Guide to Salesforce Support and Staff Augmentation

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Your business deserves Salesforce consultants that support you beyond initial implementation — partners that truly value the success of your business and will help ensure your tech stack makes your life easier, not more frustrating or time-consuming.

There are many benefits to a CRM and tech stack that work seamlessly and efficiently with your teams and processes to deliver outstanding results. 

200% revenue increase

27% retention improvement

52% higher lead volume

300% more conversions

27% higher win rate

in just over one year from Salesforce implementation

when organizations successfully implement and adopt a CRM

when companies use a product such as Sales Cloud

when organizations use a quality CRM like Salesforce

when organizations effectively use Sales Cloud


Salesforce is an amazing tool, but it can often be complex. While it has robust capabilities, there’s a steep learning curve and a high labor shortage — and businesses need a partner they can trust, not just another Salesforce consultant. 

We put together this guide to help you select the right partner for your needs and explain how VX approaches Support and Staff Augmentation to keep our partners rocking out and rolling smoothly. 

how to choose the right Salesforce support partner

Selecting the right partner for your Salesforce Support and Staff Augmentation is key to attaining and retaining the full business benefits of Salesforce. If you’re working with the same Salesforce partner who will Rescue, Remodel, or Implement your Salesforce instance, be sure you understand their fact-finding process.

5 questions to ask any Salesforce expert before hiring

  • 1. What sort of research or fact-finding do you do before implementation? 

It’s critical to understand how your Salesforce consultant or partner will handle discovery. This approach should be aligned with the top priorities of your organization and the scope of the engagement. 

  • 2. What do the discovery and implementation phases look like?

Ask detailed questions about what you can expect during the discovery and implementation process. You should have a clear understanding of who from your team should participate, what’s expected from both parties, and if the prospective partner is a good cultural fit for your organization. 

  • 3. What are the qualifications of those who will work on my implementation?

There are many questions you should ask about a potential partner's qualifications. Here are a few to get you started: Does the company outsource to offshore resources, or do they have a trusted in-house team? Do they employ short-term or long-term contractors? How long have their engineers been working with Salesforce? And so on

  • 4. What kind of transparency will I receive?

Transparency in the process is vital to the success of both your team and your partner. Ensure you choose to work with a provider who goes above and beyond when it comes to transparency. Additionally, be wary of “black-box” environments where the supporting partner might be working in isolation from your team.

  • 5. Do you provide support after implementation is complete?

Ideally, your provider will not ride off into the sunset once the very last implementation task has been completed. There may be kinks to work out, questions to answer, and help you will need. Is your Salesforce consultant willing to offer ongoing support and staff augmentation if needed? 

Make sure you will get the resources to succeed even after implementation is “done.” 

BONUS: What’s your favorite Beatles album?

We’re only half kidding here. The bigger the project, the more ambitious the goal, the worse the tech stack — the more critical it is that your partners are a good fit with your team.

what kind of Salesforce support can I get?

Your business is unique, and its needs can vary from year to year or even month to month. That’s why you deserve ongoing Salesforce Support that’s customized to help you exceed your goals. 

As an example, here are a few support options VectorX has crafted for our clients. 

as-needed Salesforce support

Whether you need support for a month to figure out a specific problem, a couple of hours a week for questions, or full-time experts at your disposal, VectorX is there. 

an extension of your team

We immerse ourselves in your operations and your teams. That means when you need help, there are no bureaucratic processes, no reconciling of SLAs, or certain hours you can talk to us. You need us? We’re there.

total outsourcing

Don’t want the hassle or the staffing issues that come with Salesforce administration, configuration, and technical support needs? We get it. Let us do it all for you! 

administrator training

Maybe you have one Salesforce administrator or dozens. It doesn’t matter! We’re happy to train them to do our jobs for us and answer questions so your business can reap the rewards.

new feature releases

As new Salesforce features emerge, we want your teams to take advantage of them as soon as possible. Our experts can jump in on temporary or recurring bases to implement new features, train teams, and enhance business operations with new feature releases. 

train users to increase adoption

Need to get a team bought into your Salesforce? User adoption is the key to a successful implementation, and we’ll train your teams to ensure they not only know how to use Salesforce but also ensure they see the value—and want to use it.

plan for the future

What business goals do you have? Will you be adding new tools to your tech stack that integrate with Salesforce? Are you looking to implement new or different processes? VectorX will work with you to ensure that all your plans take Salesforce into account so we can help make those goals a reality.

part of your team with staff augmentation

It’s not always feasible to round out your business with a full-time team dedicated to Salesforce maintenance and management. With VectorX, you’ll breathe easier knowing a team of dedicated experts always has your back.

part-time and full-time staffing

We’ve got the architects and consultants you need when you need them. VectorX makes architects and consultants available for 20 or 40 hours a week over the duration of the agreement. 

expert (discrete) consulting services

We can deliver any of our Expert (Discrete) Consulting Services through staff augmentation. We just ask that the client manage the VectorX resources.

round out existing staff

Got a team going through a transition, or need help leveling up their skills? Our staff augmentation resources can help elevate the staff you already have and maximize your value with Salesforce and VectorX.

how our clients use VectorX: staff augmentation use cases

We’ve helped our clients achieve some remarkable results, which you can read about on our Customer Stories page — but for now, let’s look at how we help clients augment their staffing and talent needs. 

fill the gaps between exits and new hires

Got a team member that departed but their replacement has yet to be hired, or can’t start for a while? VectorX is happy to deploy staff augmentation to your team for however long you need.

add discrete skills 

You’ve got a great team — but you have projects that need one or a few distinct skills that your team just doesn’t have. VectorX to the rescue! Our expert consultants can round out or level up your existing teams so you can meet your goals.

backlog burndown and reduction

Staring at a backlog your teams just can’t make headway on? Our experts will come in and either eliminate your backlog or reduce it significantly. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take it from there.

technical debt reduction and code refactor

Perhaps you’re finally getting away from your legacy systems and need some help with migration. Or you’re improving your systems and refactoring code and need to ensure integrations and functionality remain stable. VectorX’s teams are there to make every change seamless and smooth.

environment management and DevOps

Need some technical experts to ensure your environments are stable? It’s important to make sure your technical departments are working seamlessly in tandem. If you need more technical hands on deck, we’ll put them on your projects to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

“mini” projects

Your teams have finite bandwidth. While they’re working hard on your biggest projects, smaller projects still have to get done. VectorX experts are on the case. We can handle multiple smaller projects at a time and support your teams as they do impactful work.

client team technical leadership

If your business doesn’t have the technical leadership it needs, our experts can easily step in to provide direction, assistance, and oversight to ensure your technical teams get the help and attention they need. 

expert (discrete) consulting services

Expert or Discrete Consulting Services are engagements and services delivered independently or together as a project managed by VectorX. Though these projects are often significant, they are also usually standalone in nature.

While not an exhaustive list, the following should offer insights into the range of Expert Consulting Services we provide:

  • Advisory & planning
  • Org audit & assessment
  • Discovery & design
  • User experience
  • Salesforce configuration
  • Data migration
  • Data remediation
  • Integration
  • Custom development
  • Training & adoption
  • Backlog reduction/burndown
  • Technical debt remediation
  • Code refactor
  • Salesforce Lightning migration
  • Salesforce org merge
  • Document generation
  • E-signature
  • Payment processing

why choose VectorX as your Salesforce support and staffing partner?

work with us

When you hire VectorX, you hire us. You hire our teams. We don’t outsource our work to low-cost, overseas contractors. The people you talk with are the people who do your work, and we’re all committed to helping your business.

no retainer, no deposits

We know that workflow, plans, and life change fast. We start working with your teams immediately, no retainers or deposits are required to get started.

low monthly minimums

We focus on providing value, so when you work with us, you don’t have sky-high minimums to meet. No scraping around trying to figure out how to use your quota.

real-time services dashboard

Each client receives access to a real-time services dashboard to view project and engagement information. You’ll always know what’s happening as it happens. 

in-depth, industry experience

Our highly-skilled team has experience working across all industries. However, there are several that warrant special attention. 

supported Salesforce Clouds  

We’ve been in the Salesforce Implementation, Rescue, and Remodel business for more than 10 years, so we know how important it is to know our stuff inside and out.

That’s why we have the expertise and certified consultants for specific Salesforce Clouds, which are:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • App Cloud
  • Experience (Community) Cloud
  • Field Service (Lightning)
  • CPQ
  • Revenue Cloud
  • Manufacturing Cloud

We also have partners we work with to support the following Salesforce Cloud products:

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud 
  • Analytics Cloud 

Partnering with VectorX

If you’d like to learn more about Salesforce implementations, discover how we can help modernize your existing tech stack, or want to see what life is like at VectorX, we’d love to hear from you. 

You can email us at engage@vectorx.com, submit a contact request, or hit us up on LinkedIn. 

Until then, rock on!