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go ahead, embrace the break

we get it.

  • your days are stressful and long
  • the data and systems are broken
  • you have a vision of a better day

Get back to doing the things you love. Just click the link, contact us, and clock out; your dog misses you.


break free from the tech-loop nightmare with:

  • the tools, people, & ideas needed to get the job done
  • simpler, more efficient ways to work — powered by automation, ingenuity, & honesty
  • solutions that are more agile, responsive, & competitive
  • visibility into the technology & processes that power your business

headaches are for hangovers,
not the workplace

Innovation requires you to challenge the impossible, push technology beyond its breaking point, and find solutions to problems you didn’t know existed. This requires the backing of an incredible team — and we have the best in the industry.

That’s because we treat our employees like family, promote a healthy work life balance, and empower them to help our clients reach new heights. If this sounds like fun to you, check out our available jobs.

solutions that deliver the impossible

Customized Salesforce solutions, as unique as you are

Repair broken tech, be first to market, and achieve the impossible with our custom Salesforce development, implementation, data integration, and 3rd party solution integrations.

Success has never looked so good

Gain 360-degree visibility & performance reporting across your organization by connecting data and building frameworks around the systems & processes you need to fulfill your business goals.

Expert consulting, without the khakis

Execute your best ideas with partners who have a proven track record of delivering the creativity & technology required to be competitive. We provide the tools, training, and leadership you need to move the needle.

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Growing, by leaps and bounds

Lower your costs & grow your business with customer-first thinking. VectorX is here to help you innovate your industry, set the global pace, and create operational efficiencies you never thought possible.

Supporting Acts

Sales & Service Cloud

Sales & Service Cloud


CPQ & Field Service


Experience Cloud


Salesforce Remodels


Salesforce Rescues


Architecture Design and Development


Change Management & DevOps


Automation & API Integration


Data Management & Migration

some of our favorite collabs

Jared Anders
Marketing Director
southeast lineman training center

“We’ve got the highest enrollment we’ve ever had. It was like literally the moment we pressed launch - our enrollment felt like it doubled.

When the admissions team and I started working with VectorX, it was almost as if they just melded right into the family and became a part of what we’ve had for years.”

Karen Downs - American Cancer Society
Karen Downs
SVP, Enterprise Business Operations
american cancer society

“ACS has had the pleasure of partnering with VectorX from the very start of our Salesforce implementation in 2017 when they supported the requirements and pre-launch design and build phase, throughout a complex 2019 launch and every day of our post-launch journey. The team we work with has been consistent, knowledgeable and functions as a true extension of the ACS team. The style and approach they take in all the interactions with our staff and other external technology partners is exceptional and shows in the credibility they operate with and trust they continue to earn.

We continue to rely on VectorX’s Salesforce expertise as our top resource day to day during emergency defect resolution, while also relying on them to design and build our most complex enhancements. Quite simply – we call them first! They are a pleasure to work with and we could not have accomplished our Salesforce successes without VectorX!”

take a walk on the wild side

At VectorX, we realize you’re more than a cog in the machine, that you’re critical to the success of our mission, and that people always go further together than they do apart. We believe in a fundamental yet simple truth: businesses either improve the quality of life of their people or they reduce it.

Here’s how we live up to the challenge.