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automating your business can be simple.

Introducing optimized and automated Contract Management, Billing, Resource Scheduling, Applicant Tracking, & Onboarding.

50% faster negotiation cycles when companies automate contract management
42% of automated invoices generate instant payments for the business
62% of customers would like to confirm service appointments via messaging
78% of recruiters say that ATS platforms helped improve time-to-hire
78% of companies increased their revenue by investing in automated onboarding procedures

billing, just without the stress

Some routines should be automated. Create your own billing rules, track late payments, & process invoices in real-time.


roll for initiative

Attract top talent, monitor applicants & manage their data, and improve your onboarding process with state-of-the-art tracking systems.



come as you are

We aren’t intimidated by legacy systems. Take full control of the technology & processes that govern your resources, so you can plan, schedule, and troubleshoot in real-time.


you're going places

Accelerate your business. Eliminate erroneous support tickets, cut costs, & save time with fully-integrated contract management systems.

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#1 Record Engagement
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See how VectorX helped SLTC navigate the challenges of COVID — and double their event attendance.

”We had an awesome experience working with VectorX. They were extremely interactive in showing us what they could do, but also in learning what we were doing. It was like they had this unbelievable understanding of everything we did. They presented us with a lot of additional pieces. Because of VectorX’s recommendation, we actually added a new step into our admissions process.”

Jared Anders,

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