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Legacy systems, inefficient processes, and suboptimal customer experiences are costing the manufacturing industry billions of dollars each year — and businesses are struggling to keep up.

83% of manufacturers say legacy tools are a significant barrier to accurate forecasting
600B lost annually due to “maintaining” vs. modernizing legacy systems
81% of manufacturers cant easily extract critical data or share it across functions
#1 industry concern is to improve efficiency and reduce inefficiencies
$511B lost annually because companies struggle to solve technical debt challenges

out with the old
in with the new

Whether your legacy system needs remodeling, restoring, or retiring, we have you covered. Eliminate duplicative systems, connect front-end processes to back-end support, and streamline operations. 

Educate your partners more effectively, grow your distribution network more efficiently, and arm sales with the tools needed to gain market share.


data management,

Standardize, sort, and share your data with ease — across departments, channels, and even companies. 

Get actionable insights based on standardized, consolidated, validated & enriched data. Leverage automation and robust analytics to better predict demand. And enjoy 360-degree visibility into your ERP and the data it manages.

customer experience is the real product

Reduce operational inefficiencies, improve customer service, and increase CLV with deep, cross-functional integrations and robust visibility. Use real-time data to improve scheduling and servicing in the field. 

Fully integrate customer data in your ERP, manage returns & orders with ease, and process transactions safely & securely.


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now that's a very good boy

Discover how PetSafe increased customer delight — and saved some scratch — by pulling the plug on their legacy system.

”We talked to different vendors, and VectorX was the team that was the best cultural fit with us. They understood what we were trying to do and gave us valuable advice in the beginning as we were going through our discovery process. We knew we had found not only an implementation partner, but a guide, and someone who had been here before.”

Becky Gargis,

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