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At VectorX, we see our employees for what they really are: people, with husbands, wives & partners; friends, families, & pets; and hobbies, passions, & interests that extend beyond the workplace.

And we’re here for it.

The managers here give a sh*t. They want you to take your kid to soccer — that’s important.

what it's like to work at VectorX

  • Work-life balance is integrated into our DNA
  • People want to come to work 
  • People can enjoy their life at work and home
  • Personal hobbies and interests are appreciated
  • Work is challenging, meaningful, and fun
  • You leave every day knowing you made a difference
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Some companies care about their numbers more than relationships. VectorX is different!

meet some of the band

why our people love it here

quotationYou’ll truly have an impact when it comes to delivering client solutions – you can tangibly see the results of your effort. You’ll have the opportunity to define your purpose/role and how that impacts the company as a whole. And we have fun while doing it!quotation-smaller