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Outdated technology comes with a lot of baggage – and you’re worried about more than system failure. We’re here to help you rescue failed implementations, remodel your existing tech stack, and avoid the headaches of legacy systems.

75% of dev budgets can go to the maintenance of legacy systems
600B in costs spent each year to maintain outdated technology
7x cost increase to maintain legacy systems over the past 15 years
60% of failures result in total losses that exceed $100,000
$4.5M average cost of a data breach in the year 2021

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Never settle for broken technology again.

Throw away the toasters, ditch the legacy systems, and become the digital pioneer you were meant to be. Our remodels help you improve your productivity, efficiency, and service with ease.


if things go down,we'll get you back up

Standardize, sort, and share your data with ease — across departments, channels, and even companies. 

Get actionable insights based on standardized, consolidated, validated & enriched data. Leverage automation and robust analytics to better predict demand. 

remodel your instance, get lightyears ahead

Our experts are on standby to help you rescue, remodel, and reimagine what's possible with Salesforce.

We’ll be by your side each step of the way — whether that’s one small step for man or one giant leap for mankind.


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Learn how an integrated ERP helped give Rev a Shelf the competitive advantage.

“VectorX is a great partner… they bend Salesforce to fit whatever shape we need, whether it’s a star-shape hole or a trapezoid. VectorX has been excellent with saying: if you can dream it up, we can make it work.”

Hex Persephone,

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