Salesforce Remodels: Phases of a Successful Implementation Project

Remodeling Salesforce without the right planning, resources, and partners could throw a wrench into your 2023 strategic initiatives. Don’t worry, your friends at VectorX are here to help guide you through the process.

In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at the phases necessary for a successful Salesforce Remodel — from initial planning and assessment to redesigning your system architecture and revamping your key processes.

Let’s dive in.

Four phases of a successful Salesforce remodel implementation

While remodel timelines can vary greatly depending on your existing tech stack, the integrity of your data, and many other key factors, the steps of your remodel should remain fairly consistent with those outlined below.

Step 1: Inspection

The inspection phase will help us identify any areas of your Salesforce system that might need improvement. We will cover everything from data quality to system performance, maximizing your system efficiency and streamlining your processes. And the end result? A revamped Salesforce system that will help you achieve your goals in no time at all!

Actions Required: conduct a thorough audit and assessment, review your existing backlog of issues and requests, create a multi-dimensional scorecard, and make recommendations based on those findings, among others.

Step 2: Discovery

During the discovery phase, we’ll help you gather requirements and map out a detailed plan for your Remodel. At the end of this phase, you should fully understand the potential issues, challenges, and opportunities that could arise during the Remodel process.

Actions required: observe reverse demos of key processes and key analytics, understand current issues and challenges, gather future state requirements and goals, and present documented requirements & user stories to stakeholders.

Step 3: Redesign

Once the discovery phase has concluded, you can begin the redesign phase — where we help you create the processes, requirements, and solutions that will guide your new implementation.

Actions required: Create new architecture, modify process diagrams, document solutions and map to requirements, and determine an estimate of the remodeling effort.

Step 4: Revitalize

Once we’ve designed your ideal system architecture and revamped key processes, it’s time to revitalize your Salesforce system and put your plan into action. We’ll also test data quality, system performance, and other core areas to ensure the success of your Salesforce implementation is optimized for success.

At VectorX, we take it a step further. We’ll even train your users and management team to ensure they have the knowledge and resources they need to make your remodel a success.

Actions needed: Build and test agreed solutions, clean and repair data, conduct user acceptance testing, train users and management, prepare packages for deployment, deploy solutions, and provide ongoing support.

Results of a successful Salesforce remodel implementation

What could a Salesforce remodel mean for your business? Look no further than our friends at Invisible Fence.

When we met Anjela Shreeve, Head of Operations, Invisible Fence was experiencing rapid growth and legacy technology was hindering their ability to best serve the pup-loving community.

“Imagine 800 customers a day calling in for assistance, and then field staff calling in so we can tell them ‘here’s what you’re supposed to do today, here are the appointments you’re supposed to go to.” - Angela Shreeve

To get a full understanding of their needs, we embedded ourselves with Angela’s team — and to this day we remain inspired by the passion she and the Invisible Fence crew have for delivering a best-in-class experience to customers and their four-legged friends.

In around eight months, Invisible Fence went from a home-grown CRM that could do 10% of the work, requiring humans to do the remaining 90%, to a Salesforce platform and operations center that automates 90% of the work, requiring humans to do the remaining 10%.

“One thing that really differentiated the VectorX team from anyone else I’ve ever worked with was the process they used to make sure they understood our use case holistically, not just before the build-out, but also after. This was pivotal….Having them here to see the whole process, and understand if there were any kinks, truly allowed us to fine-tune it to get the absolute best solution, with no regrets.”— Angela Shreve

They also doubled the number of locations supported on the remodeled Salesforce system, and they did it with a remarkably minimal increase of team members!

Working with VectorX

At VectorX, we handle each of these phases — and much more — for our clients! If you’d like to remodel your existing Salesforce instance, modernize your existing tech stack, or need help with your strategic initiatives, just let us know.