Client SLTC Celebrates Season 2 of Amazon's "Woodwalkers"

Welcome to Lineman Country!

“Welcome to Lineman Country!” That’s how you’re greeted by our client, Southeast Lineman Training Center (or SLTC), when you arrive at their school in Trenton, Georgia. We will be back in the next few months to share more information about our exciting Salesforce project with SLTC, but for now we would like to suggest that you sit back, relax and go watch “Woodwalkers“, a reality series about students’ journeys to become lineworkers.

“We Are the Few That Run Toward the Storm”

Lineworkers are first responders. That’s actually something we learned during our first conversation with Jared Anders, Marketing Director at SLTC. Most of us don’t think of lineworkers as first responders, but they really are. They are there to bring life back into a community that is impacted by bad storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. Their very valuable and often very dangerous work – often in the midst of these storms – help our families and communities by restoring critical electrical and communication services.

A Lineman’s Journey Starts at SLTC

With three 15-week Electrical programs and six 7-week Communication programs each year, hundreds of prospective lineman attend classes in Trenton to become highly-trained and certified lineworkers. The Amazon Prime series, “Woodwalkers”, tells the stories of several students as they learn to climb and work on poles and as they go through the ups-and-downs (no pun intended) of the rigorous training. Season 1 introduced us to SLTC and followed Michael Robertson, Frank Diaz, Fabian Pantoja, and Robert Self. In Season 2, we get to follow the journeys of Andrew Bousman, Dustin Fritz, Caden “Stew” Sanford, and Dylan Vinson.

Owner/Partner David Powell likes to say “Our goal is to help these students become better workers, employees, spouses and parents.” That philosophy is shared by VectorX and we encourage all of you to spend some time getting to know the instructors and students from SLTC and watch Season 1 and now Season 2 of “Woodwalkers” on Amazon Prime. Visit their website if you want to learn more about their school and programs and follow them on Twitter.