For the Love of Dogs (and Cats)

Meet Willow. Willow is our CPO – Chief PAWsitivity Officer and her proud dad is Mike Boutin, our founder and CEO. Our entire VectorX team loves animals and many of us have several furry family members. So when it came time to help our customer, Radio Systems Corporation, we jumped at the chance. RSC has three amazing brands – PetSafe®, SportDOG®, and Invisible Fence® Brand. We have worked with RSC and these brands for over the past three years on a variety of Salesforce projects. Recently we have published two incredible Customer Stories that we would love to share with you!

PetSafe® Sales & Service Cloud Implementation Project

For nearly 30 years, PetSafe® has led the market with advanced pet product design. But in 2017, the team determined that in order to enable everyone in the company to become more customer-centered, they needed to be as innovative in their operations and back of the house technology as they are in their pet product solutions.

The legacy customer relationship management (CRM) tool was built several years prior to the current big data movement and had limited functionality related to its ability to parse customer data and share it with the appropriate teams. It was quickly becoming a clunky system and difficult to provide a full picture of the actual experience customers were having with the extensive line of PetSafe® products.

PetSafe® knew they needed to align their CRM technology with current best practices for listening to the market and responding in a timely manner. The Customer Care team needed insights data to build relationships and delight customers. The product development team needed customer feedback to understand how their products were perceived in the market and identify any gaps or opportunities that they could improve upon. The marketing team needed realtime customer data to understand buyer intent and respond with targeted messaging.

The team understood that designing a new CRM to be customer-centric would be central to their core mission and would impact and better inform every department within the business while supporting the customer-centered culture their customers already loved.

Invisible Fence® Brand – Service Cloud & Field Service Lightning Project

In 2018, Invisible Fence® Brand had 11 company-owned locations and more than 300 authorized dealerships.  It’s service model included going out to see a customer and giving them a quote, and then sending out installers and top-of-the line trainers. It is both their superior products and their training expertise that sets them apart in the industry, and after 45 years in business and many awards and patents, Invisible Fence has a reputation for delighting it’s customers.

Back at the office, the team at Invisible Fence managed their customer relationships for 11 corporate locations using a technology that was built in house many years earlier when they started out small. This home-grown system handled most of the operations such as orders, scheduling appointments, payments, and inventory. But it was heavily manual – as most things are when starting out small. As companies grow, they find ways to work around limitations in these hand-built systems, which Invisible Fence had done for years.

When they began to expand, their legacy system became hard to use and even more difficult to update, as the platform had become terribly outdated. That’s when they began to look for help with an analysis of not only their technology options, but an in-depth look at the market and how to scale and improve efficiencies without missing a beat in the customer delight category. A referral to software development firm and Salesforce® Partner VectorX kicked them off in the right direction.