10 Questionable Alternatives to “VectorX”

Before launching a headlining tour under our new brand, we knew we needed a name that was as cool as our people. “Cloud Performer” just didn’t do justice to our incredible team, their unique talents, and their unwavering commitment to helping clients reach their destinations. 

Back then, any name was on the table — and we do mean any. 

To see what could have been (and what we’re glad we avoided), check out our Top 10 list below. As a bonus, we asked Artificial Intelligence to create album covers for the band names we rejected. The results? 

Let’s just say we’re glad we landed on VectorX.

#10 Code Love


Somewhere between Bonnaroo and Burning Man lies “Code Love” — a brother/sister chillwave duo from the early aughts. 

While Code Love did a great job of illustrating our commitment to helping global non-profits and foundations utilize Salesforce, we couldn’t help but feel like something was still missing. 

#9 Script Jet


Backpack Rapper Script Jet announces major tour with poorly rendered aircraft.

In retrospect, Script Jet sounds more like an indie SoundCloud artist than a leader in Salesforce Rescues & Remodels. Luckily, the AI perfectly captured that spirit in its horrifying rendering of a plane. 

#8 Mind Gears 


This Scandanavian-based death metal band is either resisting the urge to grow a Steampunk beard or just remembered they left their garbage disposal on at home.

We love gears! In fact, we have an entire page dedicated to Salesforce Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry. But in the end, we chose something a little less cerebral. 

# 7 Ignitionists


We’re not sure if this is Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, or The Cure’s Robert Smith, but we do know one thing — those skinny jeans are on point!  

If there’s one thing we love at VectorX, it’s burning down the status quo — but Ignitionists was a little too close to the corporate speak of our old world. To learn what VectorX is all about, check out our Mission and Vision page. 

#6 ScriptCore 


For fans of Korn’s “Freak on a Leash,” we offer you “S’C,CICCOR!E,” the seminal release of post-hardcore band, ScriptCore.

Looking for something a little more relaxing? Our Salesforce Solutions page has been found to reduce anxiety, improve efficiency, and boost overall awesomeness.*

*not medically evaluated by the FDA

#5 TurboCode 


This Mad Max-era Celica, featuring a bespoke pizza topper, represents the engrossing power that fuels TurboCode’s EDM beats. 

You don’t have to drive a car from Back to the Future to deliver incredible results. See how we helped SLTC hit record levels of engagement using Salesforce.

#4 Solutionologists 


The Solutionologists, a string quartet composed of part-time ophthalmologists and near-miss humanoids, recently released their debut album. 

The AI isn’t great at spelling, but it did nail the boring blue-and-white color palette of our past. To discover why we set fire to our khakis, check out our VectorX rebrand article.

#3 Mint Sky 



Seattle-based grunge band Mint Sky draws influences from nature…and apparently causes you to leave your contacts in for way, way, way, way, too long.

You don’t have to be an amorphous eye in the sky to see the benefits of partnering with VectorX. We make it easy! Check out how we’ve helped companies across industries make the most of Salesforce.

#2 Meta Wind 


We want to be clear: that is NOT how you spell “wind.” But, we do award extra points for rendering this album cover in the style of an MTG card.

You don’t need special powers to harness the true potential of Salesforce. You just need a really great Salesforce support and staff augmentation partner.

#1 Codefinger 


Codefinger may have been the worst name, but it yielded the coolest album cover. Even if it’s a little too revealing. 

Get to know the real VectorX

We love being VectorX. The name expresses our drive for what we do, the benefits we offer clients, and our promise to deliver them to their destination. 

But in the end, it doesn’t matter what you call us. The only thing that matters is where we can take you. Want to learn more?

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