Our Principles of Delivery

Every project that we start at VectorX adheres to our principles of delivery. We don’t just say these things, we live them. At the beginning of every project, we provide clients with a “What to Expect” document that clearly outlines what clients can expect to experience during the course of their project. Aligning around expectations is incredibly important, but that must be followed-up with transparency, governance and ultimately enabling our customers to adopt the solutions we deploy. Our client’s success is our success.


It is important that we are aligned with our clients around their goals, their requirements, their budget, and expectations.  We recognize that each client is distinct and their goals and expectations can vary greatly – even with their own company.  As a trusted advisor, it is critical that we align with all client stakeholders to unify goals to develop a solution that not only address corporate goals, but delivers value across the business. 


We believe in being transparent with our customers throughout our relationship.  We are up-front and honest about effort and timelines to deliver our clients projects.  During the project, we leverage a shared collaboration space to manage resource assignments, tasks, deliverables and communication.  We provide customers access to a project summary page with real-time data around status, budget and resource time entries.


Every project that we engage in is managed by an engagement manager.  Beyond managing budget, schedule and resources, our engagement managers’ goal is to have frequent and clear communication with the client.  We collaborate with our clients to identify and mitigate issues, and our teams are further supported by internal executive oversight. 


We empower our customers to prepare for change within their organizations and transition our customers so they can manage the solution themselves.  It is not our intent for a client to remain dependent on our firm or any Salesforce services firm.  We help drive user adoption by involving users during the project and provide comprehensive training delivered through a variety of methods.  We continue to support our clients beyond implementation to ensure resounding success.  If clients choose, VectorX offers a variety of additional Support packages.